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Father Knows Best Bible Study

Father Knows Best is a five week Bible study for fathers and daughters. The study is based on the Sermon on the Mount from Matthew 5, 6, and 7.

There is a father edition and a daughter edition. This allows both dad and daughter to answer their questions in confidence and only share what they decide to share with each other.

The father edition is slightly different in some areas than the daughter edition allowing each of them to be ministered to appropriately.

The Bible study is an opportunity for dads and daughters to come together and better understand the Sermon on the Mount and hopefully take it to heart. In this study they will learn about the Yes's and the No's of our Heavenly Father, God. Our Heavenly Father Knows Best!

Father Knows Best is a modern day message for Dads and their daughters that can bring each of them into a deeper relationship with God and with each other.

This study includes:

*Daily lessons for five days of the week for five weeks

*Brief Scripture reading

*Short message from the author

*Scripture spotlight (Focus verse/verses)

*Word in action (interactive questions for dads and daughters)

*Father Knows Best (Responsive prayer to the Heavenly Father)

*From Dad section (A time for Dads to write a note of encouragement to their daughters and reflect on what they have learned that will help them to be a better Dad/Christian

*From daughter section (A time for daughters to write a note of thankfulness to their dads and also share what they learned that will help them to be a better daughter/ Christian)

If you are interested in getting this Bible study for yourself or a group of dads and daughters in your church, please contact the author Debbie Norred at dnorred707@comcast.net or call 850-896-0158.

This Bible study is best coupled with a kick off Father/daughter banquet which includes a message from the author on honesty, purity, and Modesty. Please contact Debbie for information on her speaking and travel expenses and for available dates.

This Bible study and message on honesty, purity, and modesty is changing the lives of dads and daughters all over the world.

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Christy Scholl May 10, 2018 at 7:21 am

Interested in the 5 week father/daughter study.

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