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Just Jesus Project

Just Jesus is a project that has been near and dear to my heart for almost a decade now.  This project is geared toward younger women who are leaving elementary school and entering middle school.  We all have seen the adjustments and changes that these young ladies have to face at this age.  God has clearly shown me that he considers this age to be  "young women" not youth!

Without knowing Jesus, these young women will most likely fall into every trap the enemy has laid out for them, from sexual immorality to alcohol and drug temptations.  The decisions they make at this young age will shape their lives forever.  I was 12 years old when I asked Jesus to be my savior, however it was not until I was 36 years old that I began to "know" Jesus.  I do believe if the JUST JESUS project had been available to me when I was 12, I would have avoided so many of the devils traps.

The heart of the JUST JESUS project is to introduce  these young women to Jesus so that they can know him and his desire for their lives even at their young age. The "Just Jesus" project is a 52 week devotional and study guide with a weekly video presentation, to help these young women know Jesus.  It can be used in a Sunday school class or in a group study for church or home.  Please be in prayer for this project to be completed in the time that the Lord Jesus himself has planned and purposed.  It is 90% completed at this time. Thank you all from my heart.


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