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Sing To The Lord

by Debbie on December 29, 2016

I will sing to the Lord all my life, I will sing praise to my God as long as I live. Psalm 104:33

I have always had a great desire to sing! I sang in a very small Baptist youth choir when I was in my early teens! I absolutely loved it! I still remember practicing so diligently a song called Pass It On. The words to that song still resonate in my heart till this very day.

Unfortunately in my later teen years while singing with a group of people gathered at my sister's house, I was told by someone in that group that I could not carry a tune. For years those words have also resonated in my heart.

I wish I could tell you that the words to the song resonated more strongly than the words that judged my singing so cruelly but I can't.

For years I longed to sing but when given the opportunity I simply restated what I was told, "I can't carry a tune!" Even in church with many others singing so loudly and proudly around me I barely opened my mouth and to be honest at times would even lip-sinc.

But along the way I had a good friend that shared a story about how her daddy told her she could not sing and how she prayed and God blessed her voice to sing.

I prayed with little faith that God would do the same for me! Well God is answering that prayer but not quickly. He encouraged me to take vocal lessons which I am doing. Through that act of obedience God has blessed me with a wonderful new Christian friend as my vocal teacher.

With some urging from the Holy Spirit and my vocal teacher I actually sing in the choir now! I cannot explain to anyone the joy in my heart as I sing in the choir! It is so good to be back where I started singing many years ago as a youth (in a choir).

Another thing that I did many years ago as a youth was take piano lessons but only for a short period of time. Although I was not very good, in my opinion, my parents loved to hear me try to bang out a tune on the piano. God bless them!! Unfortunately I had to change piano teachers because the first one I had retired! I did not like the book that the new teacher taught out of and so that ended my piano career (lol)!

Recently I started taking piano lessons again from a friend I met at church! I am her only adult student! I feel like a kid again somehow when I sit down for my lesson. She says she really enjoys teaching me! Yes I am a pretty excited student!

God has brought me full circle and it took 40 years! Reminds me of the Israelites! Due to unbelief I stopped singing many years ago! Due to unbelief many of the Israelites never made it to the promised land.

I am believing God that with help from my vocal teacher, my choir director (who has spent extra time working with me) and my piano teacher and much grace required from God that I will sing to the Lord all my life!!

All things are possible with God!! If there is something you have a passion to do, pray and ask God to make a way! He certainly can and so can you! If I can, so can you!!!

Father God,
Thank you for making a way for me in the desert of a no singing life! It brings me great joy to praise you in song! Bless those who have passion for something good, to be able to make it a dream come true just like you are doing for me! You are able! In Jesus name I pray, amen!

***(This was written By Debbie on December 29, 2013)

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