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Stand Firm

by Debbie on November 25, 2016

By standing firm you will gain life. Luke 21:19

Firm is a word that I wish was more resident in my life!

For instance there are many areas of my body that I wish were more firm for sure!

Sometimes I wish I had been more firm with my son in some areas! Little late now, since he is now an adult making his own decisions!

Many times I have made a decision to stick to a certain plan for my life and found myself veering off that path! Certainly there are areas, that if I had been more firm with my decisions, I would have avoided a lot of disaster!

You get my point I am sure!

Being firm is just not something that I major in! What about you?

Firm simply means not soft; unyielding to change; strong and sure; constant steadfast; resistant to externally applied pressure; without wavering, resolutely; fixed and definite.

I know there is one thing that I want to remain firm more than anything else in my life!

That is my faith in God!

Firm faith in God is not soft, it is strong and sure!

Here are several ways that I have learned to keep my faith in God firm:

Praying daily and sometimes often
Reading my Bible daily
Believing what I read in the Bible
Applying what I read in the Bible to my life (as best as I can)
Staying connected with Godly people (family, friends, counselors)
Attending a church that teaches God's Word
Serving God and his people

These things are no guarantee that my faith will not fail but I can testify that these things certainly have strengthened my faith and I am still standing!

If your faith is a bit soft or perhaps faltering maybe it can be strengthened by resolving to put these practices in place in your life too!

Father God,
Thank you for giving your children a measure of faith! Help us to put into practice the things that will grow and strengthen our faith! We all desire to stand firm in our faith especially when the storm is raging or the fire is blazing! Thank you for reminding us that if we stand firm we will gain! Gain life! Not death! Thank you for victory! Our firm faith in Jesus gives us life! Help us stand firm in our faith no matter what comes our way! In Jesus name Amen!


Thank You For The Cross

by Debbie on October 10, 2009

I really enjoy buying gifts for those I care so much about.  My family and friends never know what they might receive.  Sometimes I come up with a theme and buy several gifts pertaining to that theme.  Then I have fun wrapping each of these gifts and filling a box full for them to open one at at time.  I usually don't buy real expensive gifts when I follow a theme.  That is definitely my favorite way to bless others on a special day of their life.  However, one particular time I was looking for a gift for someone and I could not come up with a theme.  I did feel like I should buy a certain kind of expensive jewelry though.  I kept putting off that purchase because I had no idea what this person would really like.  I knew exactly what name brand of jewelry to buy for them and where to go to purchase this gift but I knew that the selection of the perfect piece of jewelry might be a hard one.  Finally I had no choice but to go shopping for this gift.  I had never been to this particular store before because I knew it would tempt me to buy something for myself.  As I entered the store I was overwhelmed with beautiful, expensive jewelry.  I had very little time so I knew I had to make this purchase rather quickly.  There were so many styles and colors to chose from that I almost felt dizzy.  I asked the sales person for the name brand of jewelry that I was looking for and she took me to that section.  As my eyes scanned the many styles and colors, I noticed one piece of jewelry that seemed to jump out of the showcase.  It was a beautiful cross.  I knew the moment that I saw it my search was over.  I was hesitate to ask the clerk for a price but she explained that everything was on sale that particular week.  Wow, lucky me, I had chosen the sale week.  That made me a little less apprehensive about the purchase.  I knew without a doubt that I had found the perfect gift.  It was a Sorrelli cross necklace.  It was the only one they had and I have to admit I wanted to buy it for myself instead of as a gift.  Unfortunately I knew this was a purchase I must make for a gift instead.  I secretly hoped that one day I could come back and buy one of my own.

So the purchase was made and I wrapped the gift and gave it away.  I was certain that I had chosen the right gift.  Several days later I spoke with the recipient of this cross and she briefly thanked me for it and began discussing other matters.  After the call I realized that she had no idea what Sorrelli jewelry was or how much it cost.  She had no idea what a sacrifice I had made when I purchased that cross.  It made me feel sad until the Lord reminded me of a cross that he had purchased for me that I too had no idea of the cost.  He began to show me that he had paid a high price for me and that he had made the biggest sacrifice of anyone.  He had sacrificed his life!  I immediately realized that the value of that Sorrelli cross was nothing compared to the cross that Jesus bought for me.  It made me realize that I had not thanked him properly for the cross.  I also realized that the cross was valuable and that because that cross had purchased me, then I must be very valuable.

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?  You are not your own; you were bought at a price.  Therefore honor God with your body. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

I realize now how much Jesus wants me to value the cross and value what he purchased on the cross.  Everyday I am reminded to thank him for the cross and to take care of my body because I have no idea the cost that Jesus paid for it.  I can read about it in the gospels but I can never really know the cost and the sacrifice that was made for me.  It made me realize that I must not live as an enemy of the cross but everyday think of the expensive cross that was purchased for me and value it.

For, as I have often told you before and now say again even with tears, many live as enemies of the cross of Christ.  Their destiny is destruction, their god is their stomach, and their glory is in their shame.  Their mind is on earthly things.   Philippians 3:18

I invite you to take more time to value the cross.  Tell Jesus everyday how thankful you are for the cross.  Show him how much you appreciate his sacrifice by valuing your body.  Take care of yourself and don't live as an enemy of the cross.  Only a true friend would buy you such an expensive cross.  Take time each day to take your mind off earthly things and think of the cross and try to realize the expensive price that it cost Jesus.  There is a wonderful song entitled "Once Again" by Matt Redman that is so awesome to help us give thanks for the cross of Christ.  It is available on You Tube.  Take time to thank Jesus for the cross, once again!

Now I am so thankful that the recipient of my gift did not know the value of my purchase.  It gave the Lord an opportunity to bring to my attention that I too had received a very valuable gift that I had no idea of the cost that was paid.  It made me realize that I had not thanked him properly for this gift.  Please join me in thanking Jesus for the cross everyday and valuing what he purchased...your body.


Thank you so much for the cross.  I am so sorry that I never really thanked you properly and that even when I did, I never knew just how much it cost you.  I still don't know just how valuable the cross is but I want to know more and more .  Help me to realize how much it cost you and the sacrifice you made to purchase me.  Help me to value the cross and value my body.  It was bought at a price that I will probably never really know.  I am sorry that you had to pay so much for me through the cross but I am so very thankful for the cross.  Once again, I say..thank you Jesus for the cross and I sincerely mean it.  In Jesus name, Amen.